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"Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you.” 


get well soon

get well soon

Wellness with Sayaka focusses on holistic wellness by blending activities that contribute to your overall well-being. My passion is helping you achieve optimal health, both mentally and physically, by bringing your awareness back to five fundamental areas in your life:







Wellness with Sayaka programs combine movement, mindfulness and meditation to help you channel your energy and maximise your output, both professionally and personally. I provide guidance on how to integrate holistic wellness practices into your everyday life so you can increase focus and productivity, manage stress, get better results from your team and prioritise what's important to you. 

 Take the first step to becoming the best version of you.


I was stunned at how amazing my body and mind could feel from just a few days of yoga, meditation and clean food. It was a feeling I haven’t experienced before. I have never slept better.


Having a high stress, go go go lifestyle running a busy business with the constant need to respond to emails, phone calls and meetings, the retreat surprised me as to how quickly and how easily I could put it all aside to focus on my own health for a few days.


The most valuable learning I took away from the retreat was realising that incorporating meditation into my daily routine wasn’t as hard as I imagined it would be, but the benefits have been massive.

It was very much needed and I cant wait to do it again.


— Jason Robinson

Director, Future Advisory

a bit about me

My 20 year 'on and off' love affair with yoga was always the poor cousin to the chaos of corporate life; a career from which I benefitted immensely but failed to provide me with a sense of fulfilment.

Shifting my focus inward and developing a mindfulness practice has allowed me to cut through noise, stay calm and get clear in so many areas of my life including health, business, connections, diet, spirit and mindset. It is now a practice I share with others through individual and small group sessions in the office, home or on retreats.

I am not a medical doctor, psychologist, physiotherapist, dietician, spiritual leader, nor career coach. But I can give you the tools to put you on a path of holistic wellness by demonstrating how the combination of breath, movement, mindfulness, meditation, nutrition and sleep can have amazing results in all areas of your life.


RYT 200 certified by Travis Eliot and Lauren Eckstrom 

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Yay! You've taken your first step towards getting well with Sayaka!

I acknowledge the Wurundjeri people, Traditional Custodians and true owners of the land on which I work, and pay my respects to their Elders past and present. I extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

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