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 Three Day Autumn Retreat  SOLD OUT
7 - 10 April 2022
(Thursday evening 6pm start - Sunday morning close)

The spectacular regional Victorian countryside awaits on this three day, three night luxury wellness retreat in the stunning heart of Hepburn Shire. 

Each day you will be treated to twice daily yoga, pranayama (breathing) and meditation practice designed to physically awaken your body and calm your mind in a restorative way. You'll learn how to ease tension in your body with myofascial release workshops as well as nourishing yourself with locally produced delicious plant-based meals. 

You'll also have time to discover some local attractions like Trentham Falls and some of the most picturesque hiking tracks in regional Victoria.

Bring a friend or come solo! This retreat is suitable for all levels - all you need is a sense of adventure.

Retreat schedule

Start: Thursday 7 April, 2022 from 6.00pm

End: Sunday 10 April, 2022

Location: Trentham, Victoria (90kms north west of Melbourne)


3 nights luxury accommodation in twin or double room with private ensuite*  

Look at the gorgeous accommodation options!

Daily brunch and dinner – Light supper on arrival evening, brunch and dinner on day 2 + 3, brunch on day 4, plus plenty of healthy snacks to keep you happy throughout the day

Five x 2 hour guided yoga and meditation sessions

Optional cooking class

Sightseeing and  hiking at your leisure within Hepburn Shire


8am – 10am: Morning yoga and meditation practice

10am – 11am: Brunch

11am – 4pm: Free time to relax or explore Hepburn Shire

4pm – 6pm: Evening yoga and meditation practice

6pm – 8pm: Dinner

8pm: Free time / relax

Total investment for three nights all inclusive package:

$1290 (incl. GST) p.p. in shared twin or double room with ensuite bathroom.

* $450 single supplement applies for private double bedroom with own bathroom.

This retreat will help you:
- kickstart your personal wellness journey
- calm your mind through meditation and yoga nidra (sleep meditation)
- re-set your digestive system with delicious plant based meals
- learn how to regulate your nervous system with breathing techniques
- increase your mobility, flexibility and spine health through daily yoga practice
- relax, unwind and get some fresh air

This retreat will NOT:
- replace a mental health program
- teach you advanced yoga inversions
- show you how to drop 5kgs in one week
- give you six-pack abs

I'm not vegan. Will I starve?
This is the Number 1 concern from all previous participants and trust me, I get asked this more than any other question. The answer is actually, no, you will not starve - you will not even feel hungry! The food served is nutrient dense with plenty of protein and fibre - both of which help you feel full without overeating. The plant based menu serves your microbiome (good gut bacteria) which aids your overall health, particularly in the areas of immunity and digestive function. Most participants report a feeling of lightness on the final day, as if they've re-set their digestive system. No-one has ever reported feeling hungry. In fact, the food is what most participants enjoy most about the retreat!

What does a typical day look like on the retreat?
We practice breathing, yoga and meditation together twice daily: once in the morning at 8am and again at 4pm. The practice usually lasts two hours and consists of a breathing exercise which lasts around 10 minutes, followed by a yoga practice for around 75 minutes, a seated meditation (10-20 minutes) and a resting pose (savasana) for around 10 minutes.


After morning practice, we break for brunch at 10am where we all sit together. The accommodation is like a large country style house so it feels like sharing a meal with new friends. It is definitely not like a hotel buffet style situation. You then have until 4pm to explore the town and surrounds at your leisure, or simply relax at the property where we are staying. It is a gorgeous spot so it's nice just to read a book or go for a gentle walk.

The evening meal is served at around 6pm after the second yoga and meditation practice. This is a really nice time to unwind, get to know each other and share some stories. 



So, that means we only get two meals per day?

Yes. Two meals per day are included plus snacks. Since brunch is served from 10am to 11am, most people find they're not that hungry during the day. I provide snacks in case you get hungry during the day. Plus, it's very important to carry a bit of food with you if you go out for a short hike.

Since we finish eating at around 7-8pm each night and don't eat again until 10am the next day, you are effectively doing a 14-15 hour fast for three days. This is a version of 'Intermittent Fasting' or IF - the positive benefits of which have been documented broadly.

I have food allergies. Will the retreat cater for me?
Yes, all food allergies are catered for over the three days / nights. Remember to provide details of your food allergies in the free text section of the registration form.

I have never done yoga and meditation before. Will I be able to keep up?

The yoga practice is for all levels so I can cater for people who have never done any yoga or meditation before. In fact, most of my retreat participants have never done any yoga or meditation previously and they find it fun and really rewarding. It actually changes a lot of people's perceptions about what yoga is. There is also lots of inhaling and exhaling through the practice to oxygenate and hydrate your cells.
Each day, we build on what we've learnt the day before so by the time you get to the last morning, your body feels completely different and you'll be moving through the yoga poses like a pro!
I have a very strong yoga practice. Will the asana be too 'light' for me?
The style I teach is beginners to Level 2 vinyasa yoga. If you are a very experienced yogi or yogini, I will cue a few Level 3 modifications to safely challenge you if these poses are already part of your practice. Please note, the focus of the yoga practice is not to workshop Level 3 arm balances and postures but I can help you with these during the allocated free time.
Can I get on the beers at night?
It's an alcohol free retreat and strictly no smoking so if you're a smoker, you may struggle. I do allow coffee though (phew!) Going alcohol free for three nights, especially over a weekend, is a challenge for most of us! But I invite you to give it a go for a few days and discover how much better you sleep.
Since the retreat ends on Sunday, you have the opportunity to discover some wonderful wineries on your way home.
Does the retreat include massage and beauty treatments?
These services are not included in the price but if you are interested in getting a spa treatment or massage, please let me know and I can arrange it for you at an additional cost.
Do I need to bring my own yoga equipment?
Yoga mats and some blocks and straps will be supplied for participants but feel free to bring your own mat and yoga paraphernalia.
I really want to join the retreat but I don't have the full amount right now. Can I pay a deposit to secure my place and pay the balance later?
You can secure your place on the retreat with a 30% non-refundable deposit and pay the balance six weeks before the retreat commences. Let me know if you would like to take up this option.
What if we end up in lockdown again on the retreat dates?
In the event of a government enforced lockdown I will reschedule the retreat. If you are unable to attend on the new dates you will receive a full refund.
I am happy to share a room but not with someone of the opposite gender. Do I have to pay the single supplement?
The single supplement only applies if you don't want to share your room and bathroom with anyone. If you do not wish to share a room with someone of the opposite sex, let me know in the comments section of the registration form and I will pair you up with someone of the same sex.
What can I expect to get out of the three days?
What I'd like to emphasise most of all is that this is really a chance for you to experience some self care. Of course, I am there guiding the activities, but my goal for every retreat participant is for you to not only feel amazing when you leave but to give you some simple techniques to incorporate into your life after the retreat is over.
It can be very easy to de-prioritise our own health and wellbeing, especially when we are so busy, distracted, tired and under pressure. A Wellness with Sayaka retreat will show you how to make small changes to your day-to-day life that reap significant benefits to how you feel in your body and mind.

Need a bit more information?
Of course you do! A curious mind is a sign of great intelligence so let me indulge you with some answers to my most commonly asked questions.

I still have a few more questions. Can I contact you?
Yes of course! Feel free to get in touch any time if you have any questions about this retreat, a personal wellness program or how to implement corporate wellness into your workplace.

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